Genius Hack to Make Christmas Decoraitons

Easy holiday decorating hacks will make decorating for the holidays even more fun! Check out here’s great hanging hacks for Christmas decorations.As our gift to you, we sifted through Pinterest to find the most clever tips and tricks to make your life easier this holiday season.

Use green tinsel to make your Christmas tree look fuller

Skip hanging lights and use a Star Shower

Using hot glue to temporarily attach lights to solid, non painted surfaces

Turn a light fixture into a Christmas chandelier by hanging ornaments from it

Simple and easy way to hang up Christmas lights using binder clips

Easy DIY Christmas gifts

Keep ribbons neat with a paper towel holder

Hang greenery on a spring curtain rod to decorate your Christmas window

Use command hooks to hang popsicle stick decorations anywhere

Glue cups to cardboard for storing ornaments and decorations

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