19 Pretty Front Door Flower Pots that will Add Personality to Your Home

Welcome your guests to your home no matter the season with these fun front door flower pot ideas! Just like an outfit is never truly complete without jewelry, your home can always use a bit of “bling” in the form of pretty front door flower pots. You can show off your aesthetic to anyone who passes by. Whether you want a colorful, whimsical decoration that appeals to families, a rustic country display, or a more chic flower pot decoration, the list below has you covered.

19 Pretty Flower Pot Décor Ideas for Your Front Door

Many of these front door flower pots use up-cycled items to make a display that is truly unique. From old milk cans to fruit baskets to antique chairs, anything can be turned into a planter with a bit of creativity and gumption! These designs look great all year long; just switch out the plants to change your home’s look with the season. Front door flower pot decorations are the perfect way to show your love of plants if you have little or no yard for a garden. Read on to find your favorite flower pot ideas that will add a pop of color and personality to your outdoor space.

1. Stenciled and Stained Wooden Planter Box

Stenciled and Stained Wooden Planter Box

Source: blog.jennasuedesign.com

Do you have wood scraps or old planks hanging around the garage? With a few supplies, you can transform them into these gorgeous planter boxes. Add a coat of stain and a simple DIY stencil, and you have a box that looks like it’s been around for decades. The large size is ideal for the front porch — load it up with small potted plants to create the look of a mini English garden.

2. Tiered Flower Pot Planters with Solar Lights

Tiered Flower Pot Planters with Solar Lights

Source: averageinspired.com

Add levels and depth to your front steps with these lovely tiered flower planters. The materials are inexpensive and easy to find — all you need is two flower pots in different sizes. Since the top pot rests on the soil of the bottom pot, there’s no construction required. With two levels of greenery, this piece creates a lush look. Add a solar-powered stake light to illuminate your walkway, and choose cascading fronds for maximum visual effect.

3. DIY Vintage Wooden Crate Planters

DIY Vintage Wooden Crate Planters

Source: chalkboardblue.com

Vintage wooden crates offer a rich blend of texture and color, but they can be hard to find. With this DIY option, you can create the same look at home. Each box is made from cedar boards (or any planks you have on hand) and basic hardware, so it’s easy to build even if this is your first construction project. Personalize your crate with stain or distress the surface with a hammer for an antique twist.

4. Wooden Plant Hanger and Welcome Sign

Wooden Plant Hanger and Welcome Sign

Source: mycrazygoodlife.com

Create an inviting feeling in your front entry with this plant hanger, which doubles as a welcome sign. It looks like a professional piece, but all it requires is a few 2 x 4 pieces of wood and some basic construction skills. A sturdy hook holds your favorite potted plant off of the ground, enabling the leaves or blooms to cascade to full effect. Leave the wood unfinished for a rustic look, or give it a coat of white paint if you’re after a cottage aesthetic. A hand-painted or vinyl-cut “welcome” completes the project.

5. Artificial Topiaries in Painted Urns

Artificial Topiaries in Painted Urns

Source: oursouthernhomesc.com

Topiaries add a formal look to your front entry, but the maintenance can be a turn-off. That’s where this artificial option comes in. With its lush greenery and natural bark bed, it brings a lifelike look with zero maintenance. For a true touch of grandeur, pot your faux topiaries in a large urn — sand provides stability and allows efficient drainage after a rainstorm.

6. DIY Two-Pot Planter Project

DIY Two-Pot Planter Project

Source: ourhandcraftedlife.com

Are you looking for a quick project to upgrade your front entry? This two-pot planter is a great option. The construction process is fast and easy — just join two clay pots by their bottoms and add a coat of paint. The resulting shape stands out among traditional planters; plus, since it features simple lines, you can use it with any type of home style. Personalize your project with a few freeform or stenciled designs, or leave it plain for a modern vibe.

7. Upscale Burlap Laundry Basket Planter

Upscale Burlap Laundry Basket Planter

Source: elizabethjoandesigns.com

Display a large, leafy plant in style using this burlap planter. If you’re looking for an affordable DIY project, this is the perfect option. It transforms an old laundry basket into a beautiful display piece that you’ll be proud to place on your porch. The trick? A thick layer of burlap that reinforces the sides of the basket. A length of rustic rope tied in an ornate knot adds a nautical finishing touch.

8. Burlap-Wrapped Rustic Planter with Twine Accent

Burlap-Wrapped Rustic Planter with Twine Accent

Source: perfectlydestressed.com

These gorgeous burlap-covered planters look expensive — but peek underneath, and you’ll discover that they’re actually an ingenious way to use things you probably already have around the house. Each planter is made from an old bucket, but you’d never guess it. A loose layer of burlap secured by twine adds an instant upgrade. Use these planters on your front porch for an upscale-farmhouse vibe, and add a bit of moss around the base to conceal the top of the bucket.

9. Spray Painted Textured Flower Pot

Spray Painted Textured Flower Pot

Source: diydesignfanatic.com

It’s a miracle what a can of spray paint can do for your front porch — with a quick layer of paint, you can transform an old, tired-looking planter into a thing of beauty. Do this project with any pot you have hiding in the corner of the garage; spray it with metallic paint for a completely new look. For a rustic twist, add in a bit of moss at the base of your plant. We love it paired with brilliant flowers that set off the metal surface.

10. Rustic Vintage Watering Can Planter

Rustic Vintage Watering Can Planter

Source: sweetpeasprimitives.blogspot.com

Turn a beautiful antique watering can and a metal bowl into a truly unique planter with this fun project. It’s a lovely way to showcase the vintage pieces you have on hand; the plants grow around and out of the watering can itself, highlighting the unique shape and creating a piece that will make your friends look twice. For maximum impact, choose a base and a can in two different colors; galvanized metal adds a rustic look, while enamel brings a hint of vintage charm.

11. Patriotic Three-Tier Floral Arrangement

Patriotic Three-Tier Floral Arrangement

Source: seasonalhome.wordpress.com

Dress up your front entryway for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day with this fun arrangement. Using three wall-mounted plant racks, this design brings flowers to eye level, where your guests can truly appreciate the beauty. Add in rows of tiny potted plants for a lush, luxurious look that’s perfect for summer. A few American flags add just the right touch of patriotic style.

12. Painted and Distressed Wooden Planter

Painted and Distressed Wooden Planter

Source: everydayhomeblog.com

This beautiful planter looks like it’s been a part of your family for decades, but really, it’s an easy project that you can complete in an afternoon. The magic in this design is the shape; the crisp lines and sharp angles make a lovely contrast with the natural beauty of your plants and flowers. With a coat of paint and some sandpaper, you can coordinate with your entry and add a distressed finish.

13. Unfinished Tapered Cedar Plank Planter

Unfinished Tapered Cedar Plank Planter

Source: jenwoodhouse.com

With its crisp shape and clean lines, this planter puts a rustic spin on a mid-century modern design. In fact, its beauty is in its simplicity. The strong shape makes a striking impression, and the unadorned style highlights the grain of the wood. Use this planter to bring a natural look to a contemporary home, or place it in on your traditional house’s front porch for a chic update. With its roomy size, there’s plenty of space for a large plant or bush.

14. Shabby Chic Flower Planter Box

Shabby Chic Flower Planter Box

Source: thescrapshoppeblog.com

Do you have an old dresser that’s waiting to be thrown out? Don’t waste the material — turn it into a flower planter. This DIY project turns a drawer into a place to display a flat of flowers or other plants. All you need to do is add legs and simple braces, and you have a freestanding planter that’s tough and durable. This planter is completely customizable; sand off some of the paint for a distressed look, or add a coat of paint to bring a fresh pop of color to your porch.

15. Three-Tiered Planter with Clay Pots

Three-Tiered Planter with Clay Pots

Source: mommyskitchen.net

As any designer will tell you, levels are an easy way to make a space look more luxe and intentional. This three-tiered planter gets the job done perfectly using three inexpensive pots. Soil in each pot provides plenty of room for plants to take root, and the different heights create the look of a full, blooming shrub. Help friends and delivery people find your home by painting the house number on the pot for a personal touch.

16. Rustic Indoor/Outdoor Tall Log Planters

Rustic Indoor and Outdoor Tall Log Planters

Give your home a rustic, natural vibe by flanking the front door with these log-style planters. Tall and graceful, they make the perfect place to display flower plots or leafy greens. The cement resin composite material is tough enough for outdoor use — there are even built-in drainage holes to help keep your plants healthy. The bark detailing creates a realistic look, and the durable materials need no maintenance.

17. Faux Agave Plant in Cement Planter

Faux Agave Plant in Cement Planter

Glorious green leaves curve up toward the sky in this faux agave plant, bringing a rich burst of color and texture to your front entry. The masterful shading on each leaf creates a lifelike look — your guests will never guess that this plant is artificial. The ribbed cement planter adds a hint of simple, subtle texture for a desert-inspired vibe. Display this plant alone to highlight its subtle beauty, or pair it with tiny cacti for a fun southwestern arrangement.

18. Decal for a Vintage Milk Can Planter

Decal for a Vintage Milk Can Planter

Bring a personalized look to your favorite planter with this “Welcome” decal. Crafted from vinyl, this decal is a breeze to apply — just peel and stick. The durable material stands up to the wind, rain, and snow, so you can leave your favorite planter outside with confidence. Choose from 31 different color options to find the one that best compliments your planter and your porch.

19. Small Planked Wooden Farmhouse Planter

Small Planked Wooden Farmhouse Planter

Accent your farmhouse with this lovely little planter. Measuring just 7.5 inches x 7 inches x 5.25 inches, it fits neatly on a small table next to your front door. Each planter is built to resemble a vintage crate; the planked front and vertical side posts exude handmade charm. The simple white finish highlights the rustic construction and makes the colors of your plants pop. Made from repurposed hardwood, these crates are built to stand the test of time.

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